In a rapidly evolving IT industry, attracting and retaining the best talent is a challenge that all companies face. At YourTeam.Tech, we have found a unique solution to this challenge: The Silva Mind Control Method. This proven system of techniques, designed to elevate the capabilities of the human mind, has transformed our approach to IT workforce enhancement. Here’s how we’ve integrated the Silva Method into our HR practices to select, attract, and retain the best IT talent in the industry.


1. Selecting the Perfect IT Candidates

The Silva Method techniques to improve memory and quick learning have become essential in our candidate selection process. These techniques allow us to quickly and accurately assess a candidate’s ability to absorb and retain new information. This skill is crucial in the fast-paced IT industry, where new technologies and programming languages ​​emerge regularly. By selecting candidates who demonstrate these skills, we ensure that our team is always at the forefront of industry developments.

2. Attracting the Best IT Talent

Effective communication is a cornerstone of the Silva Method. We have harnessed the power of words to create a compelling narrative about our company culture, values, and opportunities. This narrative resonates with top IT professionals, drawing them to our company and encouraging them to become part of our team. Our HR department uses these communication techniques in job postings, interviews and networking events to effectively convey what makes YourTeam.Tech an exceptional place to work.


3. Retaining the Best IT Talent

The Silva Method emphasizes the importance of mental health and stress management. At YourTeam.Tech, we have integrated these principles into our work environment. Our HR department offers regular training sessions on Silva Method techniques to our employees, helping them manage stress and maintain mental health. This proactive approach to wellness increases overall team productivity and job satisfaction, contributing to our high employee retention rate.


4. Problem Solving and Innovation

The Silva Method’s problem-solving techniques have transformed the way we approach challenges in the IT world. Our team is trained to use these techniques to find innovative solutions and improve decision-making processes. This culture of innovation and problem solving is one of the reasons why the best IT professionals choose to stay with us. Our HR department encourages this mindset during the recruiting process, looking for candidates who demonstrate these problem-solving and innovative thinking skills.


5. Building a Cohesive Team

We have adopted the Silva Method concept of forming a practice group within our IT team. Regular practice of the Silva Method improves team cohesion and collective problem solving, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Our HR department facilitates these practice groups, providing the necessary resources and support for teams to engage regularly with the Silva Method.


6. The Role of HR in the Implementation of the Silva Method

Our HR department plays a crucial role in the implementation of the Silva Method at YourTeam.Tech. They provide employee training and resources, facilitate practice groups, and integrate Silva Method principles into our recruitment and retention strategies. In doing so, they help create a work environment that not only attracts the best IT talent, but also supports their growth and well-being.


At Your Team , we are more than an IT staffing company.

We are a team of forward-thinking individuals harnessing the power of the mind to drive success in the innovative industry. The Silva Mind Control Method has been instrumental in our journey, helping us select, attract and retain the best IT talent.